Returned to the Capitol

Little has changed in the city since you left last. At the Weeping Woman you find rooms ready for your return. Showing you to your rooms, Ashva whispers “I heard of the terrible plague in Dormoor, your return brings me relief.” Bashfully, Dixit whispered back, “We cured them, I made a salve.” Walking up the stairs to the rooms, you pass a closed door flanked by two guards. Dressed in fitted leather armor of the darkest black, beneath black cowls their faces were covered by simple white masks. Eyes peered from the masks’ shadows but their mouth and nose were hidden beneath. Ashva notices your attention and explains “LadyLord has sent her representative for you to meet with after you’ve seen to your rooms.”
Not wishing to delay the meeting you returned to the guarded door shortly. At your approach you hear a woman’s voice call, “Enter.” Opening the door and stepping aside, the guards wait for the party to enter the dining room before stepping in and closing the door. A table is set before you with hors d’oeuvre and apĂ©ritif but your attention is drawn to the woman on the far side of the room. She too wears black, though robes and veil, and her white mask leaves her mouth uncovered.
“And what did you find for us, adventurers?” Black-painted lips form her question and her gaze impatiently awaits a reply. Gilrahad answered her request by emptying his bag of holding of the ruin’s spoils. A simple clay goblet finally lands upon the pile of platinum, gold and gems. The statue of a woman, half aged half youthful, the flowing golden cloth and opulent jewelry seem to hold no great awe with this woman. Gimble continues to struggle to remove the enormous rug from his bag enough to show her but she stops him.
“These are great treasures indeed and with these riches, adorn yourselves and better prepare for the tasks I will set you upon soon.” “Varis, there was one other thing.” Gilrahad said, looking to the half elf. “Right, I was just saving the best for last.” Varis replied, reluctantly removing the mysterious and quite magical card from his robes.
“Yes, this is what we seek. There are more, you have found one and so will the rest find you. You will give them to me.” Without moving ungracefully, between moments, she took the ancient card, painted with a ship’s wheel, from Varis and stood. “Continue to uncover the past, find more ruins and awaken their secrets. LadyLord will continue to nurture your powers and growth.” Arcane utterances from the guards shape light into a doorway behind the trio and the dark stone of deep Althura can be seen through it. Leaving the party feeling unfulfilled in the dining room of the Weeping Woman, the bustle returns as Ashva opens the door and invites them back into the common room.
Having been away from the city, the group made sure to clear up any errands and purchases. The Weeping Woman’s rooms felt particularly indulgent after the nights out in the world and the next morning came swiftly and noisily.
KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK “G’Morning sirs!” The voice of a young boy pitching into your rooms from the hall, “I’m here to fetch the adventurers, the ones that saved Dormoor.” You hear Ashva scold the boy for yelling in her inn as the first of the group steps out for the morning. Eager to escort you to the castle, the young boy waited to escort you. The Royal Keep is more a palace and sprawling across the small hills in front of the gates a garden of fruit trees and other edible plants is cultivated. Within the entry hall of the palace, you wait for a while, watching the palace business scurry around. Beautiful women flock and exchange news while young children dash about with missives and missions.
A stately man steps out of a hall and waves your way, “Thank you for coming, goodly adventurers, this way please.” You learn him to be the King’s Steward, Lenen. He is happy to share the King’s appreciation of their rescue of Dormoor but is even more eager to request a vial of the salve used. “For his wife, the ”/wikis/queen-andela-espern" class=“wiki-page-link”> Queen, still ill these years past. He recently hired another Royal Healer but hopefully it will be in vain for your magics." More thanks and platitudes were shared with the party but the King unfortunately was not there.
Another day of shopping and rest, pleasent after the trying adventure just finished, faded into evening…



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