Ancient Ruins

Varis placed his hand upon the door and felt the door hum, the runes filling with light slowly. Glowing brightly the door slid up to reveal an enormous hive. The vibration of thousands of bees filled their ears and several giant bees came to meet the group. Intrigued by the enormous insects, Dixit leapt upon the back of a near by Bee. It was not ready for this nimble gnome and flew about trying to dislodge her, until she calmed him and they landed on a pillar of honeycomb in the hive-room. Just outside the party swatted and speared the remaining bee warriors with vehemence. Dixit’s persistent but calm attitude won over the giant wasp, earning her it’s affection and trust. Gilrahad warily warned her to keep the vermin under control else he dispatch it himself. The rest of the bees seemed unconcerned at the party’s presence and casting a brilliant light, they investigated the enormous honeycomb structure. What had appeared to be a pillar of honeycomb was revealed to be a statue, covered by the bees. Peeling away at the honeycomb around the statue, the form of a woman, draped in a cloak was revealed. The cowl hid her face, the glossy surfaces reflected the light like glass filled with a black darker than shadow. In her arms, a small chest sat locked. Intrigued, they won open the chest and found a treasure of ancient coin, gems and jewelry. One object stood apart, a large card painted with a ship’s wheel and numeral X, Varis tucked the artifact away for continued study. Another doorway lead to a room where the floor seethed with insects, like the swarms killed earlier. Exhausted by their efforts, the party decided to rest outside the colony and deal with the insects later.



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