Althura is a land still in the infancy of its rebirth. All of civilization’s accomplishments were destroyed around 500 years ago. Memories and traces of history, science, religion and magic were destroyed in the Time of Ash.

Struggling through war, the civil folk of Althura earned their places in the world anew. A strong bond of engineering and science has formed between the Dwarves and Gnomes in Althura, living side by side in the South Eastern mountains. Elves are sprawled across Althura and maintain a vigilant watch over the evil still malingering near Althura’s volcano. Humans have recently carved out a kingdom on the plains of the West and live in an irresolute peace with the nomads and Barbarians there. The Halfling folk have grown into networks of families along the river ways of Althura. Known for their cunning and insight into rumor, trade and river travel Halflings can be found even outside the bounds of their Eastern lands. Warborn, those of mixed race, roam the world in search of places of their own. Prejudices against them can make life difficult for the Warborn.

Cautious of power not fully explained, the people of Althura popularly believe magic, divine or arcane, to be responsible for the Time of Ash. Magic and Faith are seen as irresponsible, power-hungry means with an ultimately destructive end making life difficult for all magic users. Wizards alone are trusted as logical scholars whose scientific approach is the only safe option in the eyes of most. Churches and religion are hard to find throughout Althura, with those who do exist being devoted to ideals rather than deities. Paladins here live by strict personal or guild codes, with the only true order being in Passgate. Nature never faltered in the Time of Ash, and Althura’s wilds are as beautiful as they are feral. Those in touch with the flora and fauna here can be just as dangerous. Foes stalk the good people of Althura everywhere and all the goodly folk of Althura hold martial prowess in high regard. Arenas, temples and battle fronts hone the skill of the good people keenly.

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