Treasure and Mystery

Advance to Level 3!

After a quiet night of rest, the group found the bees and hive dead, rotting away. Gimbal’s inspection of the bees and their home found they had died of an unnatural sickness and were crumbling to dust.The statue they discovered changed also, what was once a black, glass-like cloaked figure holding a chest was now a clear, glass-like statue of an old, decrepit woman, her head tipped back as if crying out. Uncertain what to make of this, the party got back to what was easier, bug smashing. Quickly clearing the next room they opened the next doorway to find an opulently decorated room.

As if untouched by time this room glittered compared to the rest of the ruins. A huge rug, decorated with flames and waves played host to scattered gems, ancient coinage and other treasure. Collecting their reward, and hopefully artifacts to please their patron LadyLord, the group patiently waited for the gnomes to struggle the huge rug into their magic bag. Ready for rest in a bed and the chance to learn more about LadyLord, the party worked their way down the ruin’s halls, leaving the room of ghouls behind closed doors and exited into a finely constructed plaza.

The sun shone down on the confused party for a few moments as they considered this change. Carefully manicured landscaping artfully decorates the large paved plaza and frames fountains where the groups mounts are loosely tied to a post, waiting. Turning to inspect the faded carvings on the cliff face they found the carvings are fresh. Two feathered wings stretch majestically upwards on either side of the door to meet at a point above the opening. Resting just above the wing tips a large, open eye stares unblinking over the Upper Plains. Turning to gaze out over the plains as the eye did, Adrik noticed the herd of beasts had wandered nearby. Curious, and a bit envious of Neo the Bee, the fighter waded into the herd to find a choice mount. After a few frustrating failures to mount the dis-interested but thankfully tolerant beasts he returned to the group covered in their fur, which had come out in great tufts whenever he pulled upon it. It appeared much of the herd was sickly. Pondering possible time travel but agreeing at the very least about not sticking around, the group mounted and returned to Dormoor.

Travel was smooth and uneventful back towards Dormoor. Cautious of the treeants they had disturbed the first time through the small forest, the group was respectful as they travelled. Collecting traps after a night of rest, Gimbal found some of the forest life seemed ill akin to the beasts herd. Eyes on the prize they finished the short morning’s ride to find Dormoor flying the black plague banners. Smurg! grimaced and explained the black flag to mean the illness passing through this town is unidentified and deadly. Unable to allow the people of Dormoor to go without aid, they entered the town.

Visits to the Shiny Butterfly, an affluent inn and tavern on the upper crust of Dormoor, and to the Mayor of Dormoor, Arnt Talme, informed the party of the town’s situation. Loch (Smurg!) went in search of one of the ill and met with Old Bette, whose daughter Sara was in bed sick. Loch (Smurg!) decided to visit the girl. In the Shiny Butterfly they learned how the illness struck the town only two days back, but has been claiming lives, including the Mayor’s young daughter. Loch (Smurg!) spoke briefly with the sick girl and played a tune to lift her spirits before returning to the group. Gilrahad met with Mayor Talme and discussed the illness. He learned the town apothecary, Jon, had skipped town when he was summoned to help and that the Mayor himself was ill. Unable to stand by, the group offered Arnt a dose of salve recovered in the treasure and he was cured. Emboldened by this hope for his town and a refusal to allow another soul to pass as his daughter had, Mayor Talme sternly directed the party not to leave town until they found a way to re-create the salve they shared with him. Understanding his plight, they agreed to help and so he gave them his town key and directed them to the Apothecary.

In the two story storefront the group gathered the supplies Dixit would need to recreated the salve. Having spent years in isolation with her master during training, Dixit had learned to work medicines from scratch. Well supplied and motivated by the lives depending on her, Dixit skillfully recreated the ancient medicine. Realizing they would need a test subject, Loch (Smurg!) grabbed a guy from a pile of garbage, remembering Adrik having found him there earlier. They brought the unconscious sick man to the Apothecary and Gilrahad laid hands on him so that he might rouse and consent to the experiment. Eager to end his suffering Brad approved and applied the salve. They put him to bed upstairs and set to making places to sleep for the night.

The awoke in the morning the aroma of breakfast. A cheerful Brad waited for them in the kitchen, cooking as a thanks for saving him while chatting amicably with Loch (Smurg!). Excited to share the news with Arnt, the group took the elevator up to his home and told him of their success. They had been able to create enough salve to distribute to the townsfolk, store for any who may become sick and for the party to have as well. The Mayor was beyond impressed and after most of the party left with guardsmen to assist with distribution, Arnt asked Loch (Smurg!) to stay on as the town Apothecary and Gilrahad to take a letter back to the King regarding what had happened.

A letter to the King, ancient treasures from the forbidden past and the heroism of saving Dormoor set their shoulders straight and heads high as they left town for the capital, Koltara. Gilrahad, Adrik, Gimbal, Dixit, Varis, Xander, Cael, Gimble and Leoric may not know what brought them together but a greater sense of destiny seems to be twisting their fates together.



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