Old Ruins Continued

It was a day of vermin, starting with the giant toads. Poor Dixit was nearly eaten by one of the monstrous toads before the party dispatched them. Here Xander meditated upon their quest for a moment, seeking artifacts of the past. He discovered a strong pull to the west, and more undead creatures to the east. Bravely, the party pushed on to the treasure! Splitting into two groups, they decided to enter the next room prepared to flank the great beasts within. Upon opening the doors they found the floor to be littered with poisonous snakes. With great gusto they took to chopping the snakes to pieces. It was here the party rested for a moment to gather their wits and wills before continuing on. The next chamber seemed to swarm with beetles and insects of all kinds. The swarms threatened to overcome the party when they realized their weapons were not traditionally effective. Thinking quickly, the shield bearers threw their shields down upon the insects and squashed the bugs. Spurred on by the objects they seek being nearby, another door was opened. An unprepared phase spider was just within but the barrage of attacks which met it once they entered swiftly spelled doom. Here the party has paused to collect their thoughts, and some poison, before investigating the rune-marked metal door here.



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