Exploring the Hidden Ruins

Defying death and gaining some real career experience!

Eager to explore the dungeon, brave Paladin Khak quickly advanced the party into the next chamber. There the party found a horde of creepy beasties waiting to satiate their hunger. Gilrahad and Adrik held the enemy line while they could, but Gilrahad became swarmed. Falling unconscious at the feet of Adrik, Gilrahad’s doom seemed inescapable. It was then, amidst the heat of Varis’ flames that Dixit pulled Gilrahad from the reach of the beast’s fangs. Not willing to let the line falter, Xander stepped up and held his ground while they wore the monsters a swing at a time. Suddenly, a flare of magic echoed Varis’ spell and the party found a strange wizard had helped defeat their foes. The newcomer introduced himself as Cael, a wizard, and told the party a gnome woman outside had asked him to assist the fight. Not sure who this other gnome was, and ready for a rest, the party left the ruins to set up camp beside the door. Unexpectedly, after the party had left the ruins, an old gnomish woman emerged and declared the ruins her home. Not certain how to process this strange turn of events, the party is camping to recover and learning more about Cael and this strange old woman.
*[Advance to Level 2!]*



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