Deeper into the Ruins

Having recovered with a night of sleep outside the ruins the party prepared to delve deeper into history when they saw a small figure running towards them along the plains. Out of the giant herd of plains-beasts was introduced Gimble, also a gnomish adventurer. Intrigued by the secrets of the Time of Ash this group of adventurers returned to the dim light of the ancient ruins. Vermin and undead creatures were scoured from the ancient rooms, charges of arcane power filling the air with energy as Varis and Cael wove their craft. Diligently seeking knowledge and artifacts, old coins were uncovered by Gilrahad’s insight. Just as a pack of giant rats was being finished, the group encountered Smurg! and two giant spiders. Smurg! offered words of encouragement to his saviors “You can do it!” echoing on the stone. Bolstered by his inspirational prose they handily disposed of the two spiders, the next room stank of the dead. Disturbed, and eager to further uncover this mystery, Adrik explored a hall to the South while the party searched the room. Finding the hall to loop back to a previously explored chamber, they moved to the western door instead. This opened into an area containing two ghouls and a more powerful undead, a ghast. Working together the foul creatures were defeated and a nervous eye was turned to a hall on the western wall. Scorch marks covered the stone on either side of this long passage just beyond the archway. Testing the way for dangers, Gimble, Gimbal and Dixit discover a u-turn back to the other door on the western wall of the room where the rest of the party waits. Just above this door the ceiling is lined with spikes, upon which a few unfortunate were impaled long ago. A locked door in the u-turn hallway proves to be no challenge for the new thief, what awaits the party on the other side?



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